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The "Winter" gallery are images of our coldest season of the year but yet some of the most beautiful scenes you will ever see. Snow and Ice makes for some fantastic images.

I have a mixture of photography and photography based digital art.

My images are based on the photographs that I have taken in and around our state and the road trips we have taken for vacations and holidays. Although I'm always thrilled to get that perfect shot with the perfect lighting out of my camera there are sometimes when I just can't leave a photo alone. When I start playing in Photoshop with them and adding different textures, painterly etc.....that is when my images become Digital Art. I love being behind my camera out in the field but I also love being behind my computer wrapped up into Photoshop just as much.

All of the photos in this gallery are available for purchase. To purchase a single photo just click on the buy button upper right above thumbnails while viewing photo, then select your choice of either print, framed prints, canvas, fotoflots, cards....etc...

Lana Trussell
Fine Art Photography - Digital Art

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Snowy Female CardinalA Winters DayWinter CardSnow Flaked CardinalSnow Covered BridgeWintery Field Of Empty ChairsIcy OverholserWinter Northern CardinalWinter JayWinter WatersWickedFrozen SurfIcedBricktown BreezeHefner WonderlandSnow Dunes