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Nathaniel Senior 2018 Got to spend some time with Nathaniel for his senior photos.  Here are a few of those photos from his shoot.

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Hayden & Kenzie Got to spend some time this summer and fall with Hayden & Kenzie. Hayden just happens to be my are a few from both of those photo shoots.  They are getting married in May!


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Alexander Senior 2018 Alexander is a senior is a few from his photo shoot that we did.  We even got one with him and his mother together!

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Matt & Tiffany's Wedding A few pics from Matt & Tiffany's big day!

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Matt & Tiffany These two Matthew & Tiffany who will be getting married on September I went out and spent some time with them on Tuesday evening to get some pics for them. Here are a few of what I took for them. Matthew just happens to be my son.

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Brain & Michelle Get Married Our oldest daughter Michelle got married!  Her and Brian picked on of Oklahoma’s famous little Route 66 spots “The Blue Whale” to do it.  It’s a favorite spot of theirs to go fishing.  It was only her dad and I there….he gave her away and I took the pics!

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Pumpkin Patch For The Little Ones I love this time of the year especially when it's time to take the little ones to the pumpkin patch.  I gathered my family with all the kids (except the twins who were sick) and we headed out to Pleasant Valley Farms that's not far from where I am here in Creek county Oklahoma.  The kids and the grown ups as you can see had a great time wondering around in a sea of pumpkins and corn mazes. One thing I love is seeing all of my family together having a fun time where I can capture it.  We missed the twins and their daddy and mommy but I'm hoping we can capture them this weekend.

[email protected] (ShutterByMe) Family Tue, 22 Oct 2013 02:42:57 GMT
Mallorie: Senior 2014 I spent a couple of days with this girl for her senior her to pieces.  She was so much fun and her sister Madi who I have photographed before was a super big help which added to the fun!  We went from country to fun to Urban....she can do it all!





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Our Wish To You Both This Friday my daughter is getting married. This one is hard for me to swallow even though she has been with Christian for 4 years or so and they have Mr. K. She’s MY baby……. But I know she is in good hands…..we love Christian so. Here’s a video of them that I put together of photos that I have taken of them since they have been together…..yes it makes me cry……but its happy tears. We are so very happy for them……and yes it’s the same song I used before on their last video because that is our greatest wish for both of be happy!

Christian, Syd we love you both very much. We wish you a very happy life together. Through the years you will have good times and not so good times……just remember “a little rain must fall for your marriage and love to grow and be strong”………


Love you both always,

Mom & Dad

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One Big Happy Family This last week I had the pleasure of photographing my Aunt and Uncle and their entire family.  All together there are 16 of them.  They have three beautiful girls and 9 beautiful grandchildren.  As you can imagine it's hard to get that many together all at once.....we had to make it quick with some having to be at jobs.....but I think we did pretty good!  It's one big happy family who I happen to love very much!

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Madi { Senior 2013 } Super cute and super fun young lady!  She was so easy to pose, willing to try anything and even had things she wanted to worked out beautifully!  I got to spend the whole day with her.....we even hit the antique shops in Guthrie in search of hats to play with.  Thanks Madi for a great day, it was a blast!


For those who are following Madi's senior pic post here are some from that day!  Love this girl!


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Colorado Photo Trip 4 wheel drive road - Clear Lake How many of you out there love to hit the back roads to find fun and adventure and beautiful things to point your camera at?  For someone who doesn’t do heights very well I still love taking the Jeep high into the mountains of Colorado……it’s the best part of the trip!  You miss so much if you don’t hit the back roads that will be where most of the old ghost towns, mines and well just all around beautiful scenes are!

The last photo trip we took in Colorado we based ourselves in Silverton and hit everything in that surrounding area.  This year we will be based at the Taylor Reservoir area in Taylor Park.  I have researched and have a big circle around the area that I want to capture on camera… many new places to explore!

Praying that my Verizon internet connection works and that I can share trip reports and photos from this trip in the evenings when we come in from the day on this blog and my Facebook page.  We will be exploring old mines, ghost towns, old cemeteries not to mention the beautiful scenery around us……. might even throw a line in the water to catch a trout or two!   Right now I’m still in packing mode to get our home on wheels together for the trip!



[email protected] (ShutterByMe) Road Trips Scenic Travel Tue, 21 Aug 2012 18:24:54 GMT
Joe & Katie Married! Joe & Katie are married!   What a fun wedding it was too; located at the barn at le vive ranch in Tulsa, Ok.  I will let you be the judge of how fun this wedding and the bride and groom were.


It was a super fun filled wedding!  Joe and Katie are a blast to photograph.  Joe & Katie thank you for trusting me with your special day.  Love you both!

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The Dominion House - Haunted? Haunted?  I think not.  It’s just a local lore and legend I’m sure that came because the place was abandoned and neglected for so many years.  It’s huge so I’m sure in its decaying days it was quite scary looking.  It used to be “The Mason’s Guthrie Children’s Home” or the “Guthrie Boys Home”.  The building was closed from 1978 to 2000 and was left to decay.  In 2000 a man and his family bought it and renovated it into a private residence and a new purpose in the community.  It’s called the “Dominion House” and today it’s used mostly for weddings.   As a matter of fact there was a wedding going on when I passed by to get this shot.

I love it when someone sees the potential of an old building and restores it back to its original glory….well almost.  They did take out a wing, but replaced it with beautiful gardens for outdoor weddings.

Okay so the story goes according to this source:

There was a very mean head mistress, which once was punishing a 6-year-old boy and beat him to death. She buried his body in the basement.

When she was questioned, she said that the boy had run off when threatened with punishment.

Three years went by and four more boys mysteriously vanished. Then plumbing in the orphanage went out. The head mistress knew that the basement would have to be disturbed to fix the plumbing problem. She began to move the bodies. A custodian got curious about her strange actions. He followed her down to the basement where he saw her digging up the remains of the boys.

It is also reported that an employee of the boy’s home hanged himself in the bell tower.


Kind of sounds like it from this source that I have read:


Several eye witnesses have seen an entity of a little girl who appears and pleads for protection.

The apparition of a woman has been seen walking down the main hallway.

A dark shadow has been seen in the bell tower, and has been known to hover around people who had broken in the building when it was abandoned.

When the building was abandoned, people report seeing apparitions appearing and disappearing in the rooms as the people peeked in the windows of the building.

Sounds of crying and screaming children in emotional pain have been heard, perhaps an impression of the negative feelings felt so long ago.

Construction workers hired to renovate the building, reported hearing unexplained footsteps, the feeling of being watched and hearing strange noises and crying.


Not a very pleasant history huh?  Well there is nothing in Guthrie’s records to suppose this… I’m sure it’s just stories that have come up over the years of it being empty and well scary looking in its decay.

I love the fence going around this place and the front gate is gorgeous! 


It's a beautiful setting for a learn more about the "Dominion House"

[email protected] (ShutterByMe) Road Trips Scenic Sun, 22 Apr 2012 18:06:11 GMT
Hokey Pokey Magic No matter how hard you try some times that magical light never appears.  When you're on vacation and the weather is blah what do you do about pics?  I still go out and shoot unless it's just pouring down rain then I come home to see what I have.  The weather isn't always going to cooperate with you all the time especially when you only have so much time to get it.  Some of these places that hubby and I go to so that I can shoot isn't always easy to get to and takes time to get there on 4 wheel drive roads.  We are not into traveling them in the dark hrs.

It was a nasty day off and on when we drove down this county rd 7 near Ridgeway, Colorado.  It was our last day in the area we were moving on to Arizona the next day.  I wanted the shot of the Sneffles Range and with the light I had;  it was just blah.  I took it anyways because I loved the stormy clouds above them, but you can tell by the pic below it was just a flat blah day.  This photo is straight out of the camera.

I've kept this shot hoping I could work a little hokey pokey Photoshop magic on it (yes I'm one of those photographers) to bring it to live.  Well I think I have finally got it the way I want it.  I think it's going to look real nice printed up on canvas on my wall!

To view: Stormy Sneffles Range you can find it in my "Out West Gallery" and my FineArtAmerica Gallery:

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Farmland Road Trip This past weekend was gorgeous and since I have a project I'm working on for an oil company it was a nice day for a road trip.  Road trips means taking the back roads and see just what you can find.  I love finding old barns, wind pumps and my favorite; finding ranches with beautiful horses out in the fields.  You would be amazed at just what you will find heading down one road for about 25 miles.


Closer to home not even 3 miles from the house is the Lazy E Ranch.  This place is gorgeous with its rolling fields and white fences.  It's a pretty famous place around here with its huge arena where they have rodeos and bull riding events all the time.  It just so happens that some of the residents where out grazing this evening that we just happen by.  I love the black horse with the blaze face.....he was curious and he is flat out gorgeous!  To read more about the "Lazy E Ranch"

Diving on down the road we come across some great old rustic barns and buildings with wind pumps and the beautiful sea of yellow!  We had no idea what it was that the farmers where growing until I looked it up and inquired from a few friends.  It's Canola.  Canola is very widely cultivated throughout the world for the production of animal feed, vegetable oil for human consumption, and biodiesel.


While we were driving we notice a crop duster hard at work dusting the fields for the farmers.  We pulled down a dirt road trying to get as close as we could.  I wanted a shot of him with the road for a challenge in a group that I belong to......and well I got it!


Love old rustic barns and farmland as much as I do?  You can check out more in my "Rural Scenes" gallery:

[email protected] (ShutterByMe) Road Trips Tue, 03 Apr 2012 19:33:45 GMT
Ky'Lee This girl has the most beautiful hair and eyes.  Loved doing her session.  Yes we hauled a piano out into a field......she has always wanted her pics done with her piano in a field so I gathered up the troops to make it happen.  We just barely got it in with the weather....if was a very iffy day, but we did it!  Here are some of those shots we did of this gorgeous young lady!

Thank you to all of those who helped with the piano move so Ky'Lee could have it in her senior pics!  You guys were awesome!  Be sure and give Ky'Lee a comment and hit the Facebook like button for her!

[email protected] (ShutterByMe) Portraits Sat, 31 Mar 2012 03:37:18 GMT
Ben & Bethany We were heading out to Bricktown, but with it being St. Patrick's day it was a little on the crazy side so we ended up in Guthrie.  Guthrie has to be one of my favorite little towns around here.  It's chock full of old historical buildings with lots of character which makes great backgrounds!  I had a great day with these two.....they were so much fun and so easy to photograph.  Here are a few from that session.



Pretty cute and fun couple!  Thank Bethany & Ben for choosing me to be your photographer!  Please leave them a comment of a big like for Facebook!

[email protected] (ShutterByMe) Portraits Fri, 23 Mar 2012 15:15:33 GMT
Katie & Joe: Part 2 {Engagement} As promised here is part 2 of Katie & Joe's engagement photos.  Loved spending time with them....they are so much fun!  Can't wait until the wedding!

Be sure and leave them a comment or give them a facebook Like!

[email protected] (ShutterByMe) portraits Wed, 07 Mar 2012 21:11:01 GMT
Katie & Joe {Engagement} Cute couple?  Absolutely......and so much fun!  Here are a few that are not posted on my facebook page that we did with their engagement session......part 1, I have many more to work on.  To those who know them be sure and save the date May 18th.....their wedding will be as much fun as they are!

They were having fun with this one!  Cute!

This is just part sure and come back for the rest of their photos from their session....still working on them.

and be sure and leave a comment or like the page for them!

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Red-bellied Woodpeckers Nesting We are finally I think all moved to our new area.  I really like this side of town a lot better than where we were.  We are more out in the country and have a nice greenbelt behind us that is full of all kinds of wildlife, among the wildlife: deer, small critters and of course birds.  In the evening we can hear the call of owls off in the distance.

Feeders are up for the birds and they are starting to come in, but my favorite thing to watch so far are the pair of Red-bellied woodpeckers that are making their nest in the old dead tree behind our house in the greenbelt.  I’m hoping that they will have young ones and that we will be able to watch them become parents from a safe distance.  Both male and female are working extra hard to get their little home all cozy and ready!  I will keep everyone updated as thing progress with them.

[email protected] (ShutterByMe) Wild Birds Fri, 24 Feb 2012 04:38:09 GMT
Shabby Vintage

With a white sheet some flowers, old vintage pearls, tulle and a apothecary jar you have instant Shabby Chic right in front of your eyes.  I love how it turned out.  They are going to look great is some really shabby frames!

Vintage Rose

Twilight texture from  Florabella Collection III was used on every photo except for the one directly below 

[email protected] (ShutterByMe) Shabby Chic Vintage Fri, 03 Feb 2012 05:17:00 GMT
Shawnee Santa Fe Depot

The artsy side came out on me on this one.  This photo was taken a couple of years ago and it’s been sitting in my archives waiting on me to do my thing.  This is the old Santa Fe train depot in Shawnee, Oklahoma.  I think it’s one of the coolest buildings I have ever seen and certainly different from any train depot that I have seen. I couldn’t help but play with this one.   I like my composition, loved the subject but on that day there wasn’t a cloud in the sky which meant for a very boring photo…..well at least in my way of thinking.  Hitting this place in the evening light wasn’t a good idea either…’s a morning shot.  I plan on going back in the morning light to shoot it, but it’s just been too busy lately for me to do so.






As you know by now I’m not above adding things to my photos to get them to turn out the way I want them (the artsy side starts creeping out)……so yes I added the cotton clouds played with it in my Topaz software and then gave it some texture and well here are the results.   Better?  In my eyes it is and it's something I would hang on my wall where before it was almost getting ready to get trashed.


[email protected] (ShutterByMe) Oklahoma Scenics Road Trips Fri, 30 Dec 2011 05:13:00 GMT
Have A Very Merry Christmas!

I’ve been very blessed with a great year with my photography.  Visited one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and captured it well.  I spent many hours with the best clients capturing their portraits.  What’s that saying?  Life is good!  Thank you all for making this year so wonderful!


2012 will be a little different.  I will be concentrating more on my fine art part of my photography.  I will be doing some portraits but I will not be taking on so many clients.  I will be gearing down to a couple a month and those will be projects that I will be working on.  I will have more about these projects later and how you can be involved.


In the mean time I hope each and every one of you have a very Merry Christmas!!!  Get out and enjoy your families and capture it with your camera…..I know I will!  



All photos © copyright|Lana Trussell - ShutterByMe Please do not print or crop....leave watermark not use on internet without permission.


[email protected] (ShutterByMe) Holidays Thu, 22 Dec 2011 05:08:00 GMT
My Great Find! { Flour - Sugar Shakers }

I love old things…antiques…shabby chic stuff and yes I love the lodge look too.  I have a hodgepodge of everything in my little house on wheels.  I think old things make your home warm and inviting and most of it is just darn cute to decorate with!

I’ve always been into old kitchen stuff.  When we were in our stick house I use to collect Hull’s Brown Drip dishes…..loved it in our lodge decor home.  I don’t have them any more since we are in the 5th wheel with them being so heavy but I do still look for stuff to add in here to give it that old world charm.  My latest find is a jadeite (jadite) flour and sugar shakers.


Jadeite or also known as jadite was produced during the 1920’s and ‘30s by Jeannette Glass Company, Anchor Hocking-Fire King; it was used widely in restaurants.  There is nothing fancy about it but I love jadite’s soft green color and its simplicity.   If you’re going to collect it you’re going to need a fairly good size pocket book even if it’s just a pair of shakers.


Back to my find……I found my flour and sugar shakers online at a place called Memories General Store

that is out of Tennessee.  Are they old?  No…they are reproductions…do I care?  No not a bit!  Instead of paying $50 and up for the set I paid $9.95 a piece plus shipping.  I have the old world look at a better price and I won’t freak out when someone picks them up to use them!  Even if they were the old ones I would still be using them…..what’s the point of having something if you’re not going to enjoy it?


If you like the old world charm check out Memories General Store online or their facebook

page.  They have a little bit of everything and tell Cody that Lana sent ya! 


Next on the list is the salt and pepper shakers to match then my range set will be complete!



[email protected] (ShutterByMe) Vintage Wed, 30 Nov 2011 04:36:00 GMT
Hayden {Senior Pics} Lots of fun we had on this day in October with Hayden.  We just barely got it done before a storm whipped up on us.  Here's a few from his Senior photo shoot!  Wishing Hayden the best in years to come after his graduation!

[email protected] (ShutterByMe) portraits Tue, 29 Nov 2011 04:28:00 GMT
Kimura Family I'm a little behind on my portraits with the trip to Caddo Lake but catching up!  This is the Kimura family from a session we had right before I left.  It was a fun evening with them.....the boys did great and downtown Tulsa has some pretty great places for backgrounds!


[email protected] (ShutterByMe) portraits Sat, 19 Nov 2011 04:16:00 GMT
Shelby & Braxton Here's a few from Shelby and her cute little son Braxton from last week.....What a beautiful girl and he is such a cute little guy!  Had a great time on their session!

[email protected] (ShutterByMe) portraits Thu, 27 Oct 2011 02:33:00 GMT
Strong Family A few sneak peaks of the Strong family photo session from last Saturday.  They have the cutest little girl....she's like a little porcelain doll....soooo cute!

[email protected] (ShutterByMe) portraits Sat, 22 Oct 2011 02:26:00 GMT
Stump Family Last weekend I had the best time with the Stump family. Here's a few from that session. Michael and Bambi have the cutest boys that were a lot of fun....and Mikey he's the middle child, the one in every photo that has the big cheese! I love it!  I would so love to spend the day with these boys doing a certain theme photo shoot....pirates, fishing, maybe a day of catching them playing at the park.... what do you think?  Going to have to come up with something very creative for them.


I will be in the Tulsa area shooting portraits during the week of Oct 15th thru Oct 23rd. I have room and time for 3 more sessions for this week. If you are wanting fall, Halloween, fall senior, etc….this is the week to book. I will not be back in Tulsa until after Thanksgiving…which pretty much shoots November down for any portrait sessions.  I now only have 2 spots open for that week.

[email protected] (ShutterByMe) portraits Mon, 26 Sep 2011 22:11:00 GMT
Classic Workflow + Hazy Skies

Yesterday Flora Bella Collection’s came out with a new action set: Classic Workflow + Hazy Skies.  I love her actions and needless to say I was first in line to get mine.  As soon as I got them uploaded into Photoshop well I couldn’t help playing with them to see the endless possibilities I would have with my portraits.  I pulled up an image of Baylee that I did last spring.  You have seen her before on my fan page on facebook…..she is a cutie!


Bringing up the image I first cleaned up the dark shadows under her eyes, the ink on her arms (kids in school all seem to love to do this) and soften her face a little and of course making those eyes stand out.  I always work on the face before I run any kind of action or do anything with coloring.


With running the Classic Color with a little Sweet Tea and Cross Process with some tweaks here and there well you can see for yourself how great these actions are.  Here is a before in RAW format before doing anything and then the gorgeous Ms. Baylee after the action.

Oh they are so much fun to play with.  I can't wait to use them on the up coming photos shoots!


Be sure and check out all of her actions....they are the bomb!  Flora Bella Collection



[email protected] (ShutterByMe) Photoshop Tweens & Teens Thu, 15 Sep 2011 22:05:00 GMT
Noah Jags Volleyball Last week I had the privilege of shooting the Noah Jags Volleyball team of Tulsa.  Great bunch of girls and it was a lot of fun!  Here are a few sneak peaks....not all of them...but just a few.  Girls!!!!  Here's to a great season!  Go get em!


Thanks to Rae Heath and Teresa Jackson for the help.....I couldn't have done it without you!

[email protected] (ShutterByMe) portraits Tue, 30 Aug 2011 22:00:00 GMT
Caddo Lake It was a test run for a trip that we want to take this fall.  We wanted to make sure that we would have a place and could get our RV down by this lake……so off we went in the Jeep with our friends Steve and Leta.  We took off Friday….destination: Uncertain, Texas….and yes that is the actual name of the town!  I will give you more history and pics on this town when we go back.


We pulled into Uncertain in the late evening hours.  We decided that we would try to find lodging close to the lake so we could really check it out.   We quickly found out that this was the swamp and 5 star hotels…..well you’re not going to get that here.  What you have in Uncertain is little cabins, bed and breakfast or rooms and some looking better than others.  Everything looks shut down for the night, but we found a number on the Uncertain Inn and found us all a room….just barely for a place that looked dead.  We quickly find out from the very nice lady who runs the Uncertain Inn that everyone in this town has a piece of the action after we asked her what’s to eat around this place.  She politely told us she could whup us up something to eat or we could go to “River Bend” to eat dinner.  You have one place in this town that serves breakfast, one that serves lunch and one that does dinner! Everyone gets a piece of the action that way…..what they do compete with is the lake tours.  The River Bend restaurant was a nice surprise……..we ate out over the lake in their screened in porch and the food was great!

Cypress Grove

After a good night’s rest we decided to check out the lake and to see if there were any RV parks in the area.  The locals call it the invisible lake and we quickly found out why.  You simply just cannot see the lake without being in a boat with all the swamp around you.  There are all kinds of tours you can take at this lake from an old Steamboat to a little john boat.  We decided on the tour with a pontoon boat with Captain Byron.  We set that up for 6 p.m. in the evening…..I wanted the better light and it was hot and humid and unless you have your own boat you’re not going to get an early tour….that will come when we come back with our own boats.


We ran around all day checking out places to come back to biding our time until the tour.  The tour… was the best money we spent all weekend long.  I only had 1 ½ hr to take pics of this beautiful lake and with that on a moving boat and we only touched not even a ¼ of the lake….but here are some of the results of that tour.







Government Ditch

The above photo is of the historic Government Ditch, one of many man-made features within the naturally-formed lake. The Corps of Engineers designed and dredged this canal -- which bypasses the twisting course of the "Old River" (in actuality, the original course of Big Cypress Bayou) -- in the 1870s to provide a shortcut for steamboat traffic, saving them several miles of arduous travel.

Even though this lake is full of alligators it's also a very popular place for jet skiing, swimming and canoeing not to mention the fishing.   Yea I'm not sure I wanna swim with the gators!

Summer Mill

The most famous place on the lake is Dick and Charlie's Tea Room.  From back in the 1800's, this is the only establishment left of the original approximately 30 like it on the East side of Lake Caddo that were in a Wet county where the laws were lax and loosely enforced. On the west side where Uncertain is located, the county was dry and no alcohol was allowed to be sold. But on the East side, these structures were built and anything was allowed. The only way to get to these establishments was by boat as they were literally out in the swamp, but on the East side of the county line. They sold liquor, held dances, gambled, and served as brothels, according to the guide. They literally were proud of the fact that they allowed anything to go on. In fact, if you'll notice, there is an old sign posted on the front of a tree that shows what the rules were for this establishment.




House Rules
1. There anit none.
2. There never was none.
3. There anit gonna be none.
For the Good Times"
On the smaller sign below, it says:
"Waitress wanted.
Good Fishing Boat Needd"

It's a gorgeous lake with endless photography possibilities.   Our next trip will be the end of October and the first week of November where I'm hoping to have plenty of time with our own boat to capture the fall colors and the wildlife!  I will be counting the days until we go back!


[email protected] (ShutterByMe) Scenic Travel Mon, 18 Jul 2011 21:48:00 GMT
Derek What a fun and handsome young man.......loved his session......congrat's Derek!

[email protected] (ShutterByMe) portraits Thu, 14 Jul 2011 21:35:00 GMT
The Twins - Jake & Cale It's still hard for me to believe that I'm a Nana of twin boys.  Actually it's hard for me to believe that we got three new grand-baby boys this past year!  Here's two of them....our twins Jakey and Cale (who we call bug)'s hard to believe but they will be a year old next month on the time fly's!

[email protected] (ShutterByMe) portraits Wed, 13 Jul 2011 20:37:00 GMT
Daniel & Kristen's Wedding Pics I don't do weddings very often, but here is one I did of Daniel & Kristen.  Kristen just happens to be my daughter-in-laws sister.

[email protected] (ShutterByMe) portraits Wed, 13 Jul 2011 17:07:00 GMT
Tori & Baylee Two sweetheart of girls.....they were so much fun!  Tori is the blonde and Baylee has the dark hair.  AJust a fun session all away around with great weather!

[email protected] (ShutterByMe) portraits Wed, 13 Jul 2011 17:01:00 GMT
Jordan {High School Senior} Such a beautiful young lady with so much a head of her!  Congrat's Jordan!

[email protected] (ShutterByMe) portraits Tue, 12 Jul 2011 16:21:00 GMT
Leona, Melvin and baby Maddox

Spent the day with a cute couple who are waiting on the arrival of their baby boy Maddox.....who will be here in the middle of July.  Here are some pics from their session.

[email protected] (ShutterByMe) portraits Fri, 08 Jul 2011 16:10:00 GMT
Steven & Nikki Such a cute couple and they were so much fun!  Thanks Steve and Nikki it was a super fun day!


[email protected] (ShutterByMe) portraits Fri, 08 Jul 2011 15:04:00 GMT
Route 66 - Between Arcadia and Luther Between Arcadia and Luther Oklahoma there are several old attractions that are great to stop and look at.  Some of these places make great stops for portrait photography.  Closer to the little town of Luther you have the “Rock of Ages Farm” with a cool old barn that sits up in the tree line.  Going to have to come back to this place in the morning hours and see if  I can catch a reflection in that pond!

The Rock of Ages farm also has an old gas station on it that was built back in the early 1920's.  You can catch it just right off 66 on the right side of the highway going from Luther to Arcadia.  Not only does this little gas station make a great place to take portraits at it also has a little bit of history that goes along with it.

The sign outside of the building reads:


This is one of the last old gasoline filling stations still standing in this part of the country.  No one knows for sure, but it is thought to have been built in the late teens or early twenties.  It had two pumps, one for regular gas and one for ethyl, which was a little higher octane.  Oil was dispensed from a 50-gallon drum, which was laid down on its side on a wooden frame.  A spigot was put in the end of the drum, under which you put a quart can, then taken to your car and put in the motor.

Seeing there was no electricity out here at that time, most homes and buildings were lighted by kerosene lamps or lanterns.  Kerosene was dispensed the same way oil was, from a metal drum, put in your container and taken home.

Cold soda pop was sold only on days when the ice man made it by.  The pop was put in a large metal box with chipped ice over it.  Hard candy was sold most of the time; chocolate was sold only in the winter, because in the summer it would melt – since there were no refrigerators.

Back then, times were very hard and it was difficult to make a living.  One day, about the time Al Cap-one was terrorizing the City of Chicago, a so-called salesman came by the station, offering to sell the owners a way to make a lot of money, literally, for he had a set of plates for a counterfeit ten-dollar bill.  The story goes that the people yielded to temptation, with the thought of being able to get rich quick.

A small room was constructed on the back of the old station for the purpose of hiding the printing materials and a place to work.  The only entrance was through the window you see on the back wall of the station.  The window had a solid wooden door, which was kept closed most of the time.  People didn’t even know that there was a room back there.




The way the counterfeiting was done was that they would press one of the plates on a piece of paper with the green ink on it, then let that side dry 24 hrs, and print the back side of the bill the next day.  Things went along just fine for a time, but while passing one of the fake ten-dollar bills, one of the persons was arrested, and with the identification on him where he lived, he was traced to the old station.  While searching the building, the counterfeit plates were found.  So ended this crime spree, like so many others.  The person being taken to jail was overheard to say. “It wasn’t worth it”.





The old station was closed, never to open again.  Many years later, which had nothing to do with the counterfeiting, a murder victim was found in the old abandoned building.  Police were unable to determine whether he was killed here or the body just dumped.  The victim was never identified, for he had no identification on him and no one seemed to know him.




Please be careful entering this fragile old building.


The Owners


Rock of Ages Farm


I love reading up on history of old places.....fascinating!  How many of you remember ethyl gasoline?


Not far down the road you have John Hargrove's place.  He has devoted his time making his place a little museum of Route 66 stuff.  Interesting place by the way it looks from the road.  I plan on going back to see if I can talk to him; looks like a great place for some portrait photography to me!

After the Hargrove place you have the famous round barn that was built in 1898.  I have been here before checking it out, but this day we couldn't go inside and take pics.  It just so happen they were having a wedding then.

Across the street, well it use to be the Hillbillies Bed & not much is going on around there except a few people like me using it for a backdrop for portrait photography.....oh yeah and the bikers like this place for their rallies I think.  The end of it does have a biker shop in it.  Would be really awesome to see this place back up and running!

Hope everyone out there has a wonderful holiday weekend!  Happy 4th of July!



[email protected] (ShutterByMe) Oklahoma Scenics Road Trips Wed, 29 Jun 2011 14:45:00 GMT
Route 66 - Arcadia, Ok {Pops} For those of you who know me personally you know that I love road trips. Love getting in the car and just taking off just to see what is around…..always looking for something to point my camera at. I’ve decided to do a gallery just on Route 66 “The Mother Road”. I started that little adventure yesterday. Not far from where I live is a little town called Arcadia. Arcadia is located 15 miles north of Oklahoma City on Historic Route 66 and has a ton to see if your into old historic stuff and some new fun stuff.

Pop's Soda Bottle

One of the new things on Route 66 is “Pops”. You can’t pass through Arcadia without stopping to check out their bumper crop of pop! You can’t miss it with the big huge soda bottle and straw that soars 66 ft. into the sky in front of the building. Remember all the pop you use to drink as a kid? They have it……and much, much more! It’s the happening place on this section of the old historic road. If you don’t mind waiting they have a restaurant also that apparently is pretty good……we have yet to want to wait in line to check it out.

Pop's Bottles

The first thing you see as you walk into the building is the windows with a rainbow of sodas. Glass shelves showcase thousands of bottles, floor-to-ceiling. It’s awesome looking!


If you have the time be sure and hang around until after the sun goes down. Each night as the sun sets on the little town of Arcadia, LED lights transforms the big bottle into a dazzling light show! An infinite array of colors and patterns salute the world’s greatest variety of soda pop inside!


Just a little heads up on photographing the bottle. If you are looking to do it without people in your pics…..well it’s not going to happen. When the bottle lights up that is when everyone wants their pic in front of it…… You might be able to do it on a week night when it’s not quite so busy.


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